You don't know what designs you will get...but it's guaranteed worth it! When you buy the Mystery Box you will get 7 items worth $182 in MSRP for just $85! A 53% OFF discount!
***Mystery Box update with new items on 11-11-22***

  • 2 Mens Tee Shirts
  • 1 Backpack
  • 1 Beanie
  • 1 Snapback Hat (one size fits most)
  • 1 Sticker 12-Pack
  • 1 Pair of Socks

Disclaimers & Info (please read!):

***Putting this first because lots of slow readers complained about this last time even through it was mentioned. Ordering multiple Mystery Boxes will not get you different items in each box. Each box will have the same items. If you order 2 mystery bundles you will get 2 of each of the same styles. Do NOT order more than one Mystery Box unless you want duplicate items.

*The Mystery Hat is a Snapback Hat that fits most people.
**When you select the size you are choosing the size for both T-Shirts & Hoodie. If you choose Large both Tees will be size Large. Sorry we can't mix different sizes for each item in the bundle.

***Other discounts and promotions and Free Shipping do not apply to the Mystery Box.
****No returns or refunds on this bundle. All sales final. If you have other items on your order of course you can return those.
*****No, there is not actually a question mark on the products. Yes, someone actually asked that question. Also it might show up in a large bag. Don't take "BOX" too's just a bunch of different stuff that may arrive in different packaging.

******Repeating this again for good measure: Ordering multiple Mystery Boxes will not get you different items in each box. Each box will have the same items. If you order 2 mystery bundles you will get 2 of each of the same styles. Do NOT order more than one Mystery Box unless you want duplicate items.

Bundle change dates & details:
New Bundle 11-11-22

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Erika E. (Albuquerque, US)
Mystery Box

More than pleased with all my merchandise. Will definitely order more in the future if available. Highly recommend to anyone. You will not regret your purchase. Thank you M M!!!!

J.C. (Carrollton, US)
Metal Maidens Mystery Box

I was super excited when I got the notification that they FINALLY dropped a maidens mystery box so I almost immediately ordered one in anticipation & when it arrived, I loved everything that came in the box. Everything fits true to size, it's all items I would have personally picked for myself so it was a great choice & I'd absolutely 100% order another once I knew they had a new one to offer. So the whole bunch will officially now be in metal mulisha gear, us grown folks down to the boy's. I love the brand & what it represents. Keep up the amazing products & I promise you'll have yourself a customer for many year's to come. 🥰

Jay B. (Port Angeles, US)

Always quality and bad ass merch!!

Chester (Magnolia, US)
big booty

We lovin it

Heath G. (Dallas, US)

Shipped fast and love everything that was in the mystery box

Jimi P. (Chicago, US)
Awesome stuff

All kinds of good stuff I love the shirts and the hat especially. Awesome company.

Jason (Oakland, US)
Great surprise!

Great items. I wish there was more product. Would of left a 5 star review but I don’t like the color orange.

Tyanna M. (East Wenatchee, US)
Best mystery box

Loved everything I received & good quality too.