Giving Back Through the M/M Troops Collection

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Metal Mulisha Troops Collection Donation

We created this 4 T-Shirt M/M Troops Collection to give back to the Troops. Each design is inspired by 4 branches of the US Military...Army, Navy, Marines & Air Force. 20% goes to Military Non-Profits.

We don't do that "a portion of proceeds"thing. Everyone knows that actually means it's a marketing ploy and the charity gets pennies from your purchase, if anything at all.

Keep reading to take the red pill...

Some brands say "proceeds" because no one really knows what that means. It could mean a few things, but in this situation "proceeds" usually means profit. Some companies make very little profit, if any at all. Obviously something is much better than nothing and that is great overall, but we believe in transparency especially when it comes to people's money and helping people. In general, when you hear "percentage of proceeds", it just means less for's how....

An example:

  • You pay $24 for a t-shirt and a vague promise that a "portion of proceeds" goes to charity.
  • The shirt costs $5-$8 to make. Let's go with $6 for this example.
  • Add another $8 for expenses like shipping, marketing, warehouse, office, employees, company cars, expense accounts, etc. (it's actually more than this overall but whatever, you get the point).
  • So that's $14-ish in expenses. Those expenses get taken out before they calculate their donation.
  • $24 minus $14 = $10 in proceeds (probably less, but let's be optimistic!)

The results of your purchase for the charity?

5% of $10 "Proceeds" = $0.50
1% of $10 "Proceeds" = $0.10

A small percentage of small "proceeds" equals small $ donation for the non-profits you care about.

Here's what we do: 20% of each of the M/M Troops Collection shirts sold (20% of $24 = $4.80) will be split equally between 4 honorable Veteran-focused non-profits. ***FYI if you use a discount code all that does is take away from the charity***

Your purchase of just 1 of these M/M Troops Collection shirts donates the equivalent of purchasing about 9 shirts from a "5% of proceeds" brand or 48 shirts from a "1% of proceeds" brand.

Supplies are limited for this first drop. If the Metal Mulisha community responds like we hope (strong support for those who fight for our country!), we will make more of these shirts, make new Military-inspired designs, and change out the non-profits often to spread the love.

This program means a lot to us, and your support is what will make it possible and impactful.

With respect,
The Metal Mulisha

MM Troops Collection Shirts

***The donation made possible by your purchase is managed through ShoppingGives to ensure legal compliance and transparency so you know that we take this seriously and these non-profits will receive their donation as stated.***