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The Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid. This amazing bullring has been on the calendar for over a decade and it has witnessed some truly titanic head-to-head battles in its time.

Photo – Jorg Mitter/Red Bull Content Pool

With two rounds of the world tour already in the books, Metal Mulisha’s Rob Adelberg is ready to take on Spain’s famous bullfighting ring and bump up his current 5th place standing. Adelberg took home a 4th place finish in Osaka, Japan last month and the Australian is ready to go to battle again in front of Spain’s sold out arena. Keep an eye out for Adelberg during tomorrow’s events and watch as he elevates the competition with his gnarly list of tricks.

The Red Bull X-Fighters Crew has moved 160 40-ton truckloads of dirt into the legendary Plaza de Las Ventas to get the course dialed. This Spanish bullring has been always one of the hottest tracks of the season, and with a few course improvements for 2014, it will prove to be an impressive battleground during tomorrow’s events. Slightly bigger then the Mexican bullring, it offers three tunnels to launch out of with a huge 35m ramp out of one. For the first time, Madrid will offer 2 quarter pipes and 2 elevated ramps in the arena to give the classic battle a new drive from the track design. Check out the video below and cruise through the Madrid course.

Live Webcast
Red Bull X-Fighters Spain will be broadcasted LIVE across the world on Friday. Don’t miss out on any of the action! CLICK HERE to launch the Red Bull X-Fighters webcast or stream the event via Red Bull TV, Xbox 360 and Apple TV. *Please note that the live webcast is geo-blocked in the US.

June 27: Europe: 10:00pm (CET) | Canada: 01:00pm (PST) | Mexico: 03:00pm (CST) | Brasil: 05:00pm (BRT)
June 28: Japan: 05:00am (JST) | Australia: 06:00am (AEST)
| New Zealand: 08.00am (NZST)

The main event will also broadcast live on several TV stations around the globe. Please check local listings for details.