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It has been a little over 1 year since the tragic loss of our friend, family member and Mulisha team rider Jeff Ox Kargola. The Rip To The Tip continues while stepping across the Mexican boarder this morning with a band of brothers ready to take on the journey of 1,500 miles. Riders face 8 grueling days in projected temperatures and conditions against the Baja Peninsula with early wake up calls and sleep deprivation. Some say it’s crazy but there is no feeling of a greater accomplishment to complete a full pull.

Earlier this year friends, family and fellow riders from the Rip To The Tip built a 30 foot wide, 2 foot tall memorial structure that spells out OX at the crash site, just North of San Felipe. The riders of this years RIP will be visiting the memorial on their way to Mike’s Sky Rancho where Jeff spend his last night with us. The riders will continue South reaching the desitnation of Cabo to celebrate the completion of their journey, Jeff’s life and time spent with us and of course Jeff’s rule… the “5 drink minimum”. The spirit of Jeff “OX” Kargola lives in each one of us and will be missed more than words can describe. Take a moment, watch the video update from Desert Assassins and leave a warm comment for our friend Ox. We wish everyone on this years RIP a safe ride. Ride in Peace Jeff.