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The 16th annual Surfercross kicked off over the last two days at Milestone MX Park and San Onofre’s Trail 6. For those who don’t know, Surfercross is a gathering where the best of the best from the moto and surf industry come together to battle it out for bragging rights and just to have a good time with all of our friends or rivals.

Legends of the sport come together each year and are randomly paired with each of the classes (pro and industry). During team selection, it’s not uncommon to hear, “How well do you ride?” And, “How do you surf?” There are a handful of teams every year with participants who are skilled in both. Check out this video from Day 1 Racer X sent over to us.

This years lineup was pretty stacked with Mulisha riders with Ronnie Faisst, Derek Garland, Matt Buyten and Dan Pastor ready to battle in the Pro Class. Faisst was paired up with surf legend Kalani Robb, Buyten was teamed up with Brandon Polfer and Garland got matched up with Pastor. During Day 1 at Milestone the Mulisha team did pretty damn good. Buyten laid it down with Polfer with a 3rd in Moto with Garland 6th in Moto.

Day 2 finished ended with a day on the waves at Trail 6 at San Onofre in San Clemente. The secluded stretch of coastline was battered with whitewater waves throughout the day and challenged even the professional surfers, but this changed the outcome of the event drastically. What people don’t really expect is a bunch of Mulisha guys that know how to surf.

Garland back in the high school years was a State Champion so he has some game out in the water, Faisst can actually throw out some smooth style, Pastor can rip pretty hard on his board and Buyten… well he just goes for it like he does on his dirt bike.

We even had our good friend Chava Greenlee from Kauai out in the water ripping the sets showing everyone how it’s done!

Faisst was in a good position with Kalani on his team. Both Faisst and Kalani racked up the points out in the water making the best out of the 1-2 ft waves rolling into the beach. Faisst and Robb finished the day taking 2nd in surf while Garland and Pastor put in some work taking 9th and Buyten and Polfer finished 12th.

Overall scores came down to Faisst and Robb in 9thBuyten and Polfer in 5th and Garland and Pastor in 7th. Thanks to everyone who came out and we got to hang out with! Was a great time and make sure to view the rest of the 2014 Surfercross pics in our photo gallery.