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Metal Mulisha Maidens Stephanie Pietz is a girl constantly on the go! She leads a life full of bad-ass adventures, with great people, and likes to live on the wild side and make the most of every day! Check out this months update from Stephanie and be sure to check out her bio in our Maidens section of the website here.

I couldn’t be happier that January is over!! And I made it out alive! What a shit-show the last month was. January in Arizona is always packed full of events, back to back, and even though they fail to disappoint, it creates long-ass work days for anyone in the industry. Starting January off with a little moto-sesh helped relieve some stress before the lengthy work month. My girl Brittany and I got some seat time at a local track called Motoland. It was my first time back on the track since my injury and I felt great!! Im really pumped to get back in the saddle more often.

The beginning of January kicks off the Supercross season and Phoenix is always home to the second round of mud-flingin, bar-rubbin, gate-droppin racing. I usually always work during the day in the pits talking to fans, taking pictures, doing sign-ups and give-aways or whatever else my job requires. There’s never a dull moment. Plus, I get to see a lot of friends that I don’t see often and play catch up. Seeing all the boys rip around through the pits during qualifying shirtless isn’t too bad either!  This year I worked for the RCH racing team signing people up for give-aways and taking pics with the little ones next to the Ken Roczen replica Suzuki race bike. The guys over at RCH are always a blast to work for. I honestly feel strange calling it work because I have so much fun.

As some of you know, I’m a full-time bartender when I’m not modeling, traveling or ruling the world. I also bartend and do promotions for an outstanding company called EPI (Events Plus Inc). With all the crazy events in town (Barrett Jackson, Phoenix Open, Supercross, Monster Jam, The fucking Superbowl!!, Pro-Bowl, etc.) I was slammed with jobs and still working at my usual spot, Wasted Grain, in Scottsdale, AZ. It was pretty much 3 straight weeks of 12-16 hour shifts and an uber amount of douschey tourists invading my hood, haha. Amidst the hectic, frantic and sometimes last minute work, were still moments of pure enjoyment! And all the paper stacked at the end was worth every minute! I wanna give a huge thanks to all my girls and guys that kicked Januarys ass with me!

Somewhere along the way I managed to squeeze in a quick photo-shoot for Holeshot Inc and get my whip laced up with a new chain and sprocket. AJ dialed me in great! I used to work with AJ over at The Bondurant School of Racing and we never even met each other before the shoot. After working there for a year and a half you would think we would have bumped into one another. He’s like a damn ninja! haha.

Bike is looking good, Im feeling great, the shit storm that was January has past, and now I’m ready to get the ball rollin on 2015! Thanks again to everyone over at MM for giving me the opportunity to bring you yet another month of my adventures! See you all next month! Go Deven Raper! Kick some ass on the SX circuit this year!