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Metal Mulisha Maidens Stephanie Pietz is a girl constantly on the go! She leads a life full of bad-ass adventures, with great people, and likes to live on the wild side and make the most of every day! Check out this months update from Stephanie and be sure to check out her bio in our Maidens section of the website here.

I’m happy to say I didn’t spend the month of October cramming pumpkin flavored shit down my throat like the rest of the United States! Haha. I spent the first weekend of the month shooting photos and booth modeling for a company called Fanpass TV.  They live stream music events, festivals, rallies or any other large scale events through their website. They also post uber amounts of fan pics, artist interviews and backstage chaos for the publics viewing pleasure. Its like a one stop fan website! Its pretty cool! The band lineup was awesome and it was great to see a lot of old friends, and make new ones. Big thanks to Metal Mulisha for getting all my winter threads to me just in time to hit the road.

“Clockwise from top left- a pic I snapped of Sonny Sandoval from P.O.D- Mobbin the Big Daddy Skate Board in my favorite Metal Mulisha jacket- Craig Owens of Chiodos- Heidi Shepherd of the Butcher Babies and I leg swiping people in the crowd haha!”

The new 2015 Axxxtion Sports calendar will have me busy this fall with signings all over the mid-west and east coast. My first stop was the Toronto Snow Show in Canada. Its one the largest snowmobile, ATV and power-sports shows in the world. I always love working this event because of all the awesome people I don’t get to see often. Plus, there’s all kinds of rad toys to play on! Being a damn desert lizard myself, its kinda fun to see all the cool snow toys. Snowmobiling is something I have yet to try. But I plan on conquering it, like everything else I do. duh.

- “Holding my 2015 Axxxtion sports calendar – Working hard at The Toronto Snow Show in Canada in my sexy Metal Mulisha Danger Baby top.”

The end of October (specifically Halloween weekend) is my faaaaaavvvvv!!! Its the first big dune trip of the year! Halloween is usually one of the biggest dune weekends of the season and I’ve made it a point to be there every year for the past 5 years. Plus, it was my first weekend back on my bike since my injury at the beginning of September. So I had been counting down the days until I could get back on that thing!! And let me say this, It was fucking phenomenal!! I felt great, my bike was running awesome, everything was tits! The wind on saturday was a drag, but it died down and sunday was perfect riding weather. This month couldn’t have ended any better for me. I am extremely happy to be feeling at almost 100%, and I’m looking forward to getting right back into all the physical activities I’ve had to put off the last month. Im pumped to be back in the saddle! braaap!

 - “Ripping up Glamis on Halloween with my bike looking Fresh to Death.”

 - “All my new sick Winter threads from Metal Mulisha.”