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Welcome to Ackerman’s Throw Back Thursday – Featuring Seth Enslow, To learn more about Chris Ackerman and how you can help support his project to spread awareness about CSI visit, also give him a follow on Instagram @ackerman81 to see more OG freestyle and Metal Mulisha photos!

“When people see this photo, they don’t realize that it truly was the rebirth of distance jumping… Even though this was a practice run and he ate serious shit. The tailwind grabbed him and carried him well past the landing to flat, 245’3” to be exact. He was left with multiple broken bones including a busted forehead (which was gnarly to say the least)!

Amazingly, he was back riding in 6 weeks. In the years following riders like Trigger Gumm, Larry Linkogle, Robbie Maddison, and Ryan Capes have all followed Seth’s lead earning official Guinness Book records! Even underground riders like Jason Bird are going over 300 feet without setting ‘ official’ world records.”

Location: Apple Valley, CA – Cinqmars Residence Date: 12/22/99 Photo: #cappasnap