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Metal Mulisha Maiden Amie Nicole joined the Mulisha crew for the recent filming of the Metal Mulisha / Suicidal Tendencies music video, Smashed! During filming, Amie laced up in her custom sliced Metal Mulisha Suicidal Tendencies Tee and slid into her sexy leather shorts for a behind the scenes photo shoot with the Mulisha Maidens! After her shoot, we caught up with our newest Maiden to get the inside scoop on the Metal Mulisha / Suicidal Tendencies music video and gather her thoughts on the day. Check out our interview with Amie below and get a look at some of her pictures from the shoot!

MM: Is this your first time working with the Mulisha crew?
AN: I actually did all of the motocross events throughout the summer with the Metal Mulisha My Plash Yamaha team! That was a lot of fun. I got to meet a lot of the Mulisha fans and some of the rider and it was cool!

MM: Are you a fan of Suicidal Tendencies?
AN: I’m a huge fan! I’m a metal chick so I’ve known of Suicidal for a long time. I’ve actually been listening to them since I was like 14 or 15 years old. So it was super cool to be involved in this project and actually get to meet them personally.

MM: So how was it meeting the band?
AN: It was so awesome! And it was actually interesting because one of the guys from Suicidal recognized me! I work for a lot of guitar companies and with a lot of heavy metal stuff, and when I worked for Fernandes Guitars I guess he had worked with them and wanted a picture with me. So he came up to me at the shoot and was like “Remember that picture you took with me?!” and I was like “That was for years ago. You remember me?! I don’t event remember taking that picture and I love your band!” So that was cool! We talked for a little and then I talked to one of the bands newest members, Nico, and he was really nice. I haven’t met the singer yet, but I’d like to! I’d kind of like to take a picture with him with a can of Pepsi but I think that would be like really bad taste (laughs). He’d probably throw it at me (laughs).

MM: What is your modeling background?
AN: I’ve been modeling for a long time. I do a lot of print, I’m a professional dancer, and I’m a fire performer. I might be doing some stuff with Mulisha with fire eating in the future, so that will be exciting. I’ve also done glamour modeling and lingerie, but my passion is rock and roll and metal, so I get excited when I get to do anything related to metal music!

MM: What do you think of the Mulisha Crew?
AN: The guys are awesome! I actually got to meet Larry Linkogle, one of Metal Mulisha’s co-owners and rider! I never met him before and it was really cool because I didn’t know he was the co-owner of Mulisha! I really like that he had a Slayer shirt on! He has some really good integrity. And I loved that he had Charles Manson stickers on his vest. So that was pretty cool!

MM: What are your favorite Metal Mulisha Maidens styles?
AN: Well I am obviously in love with the entire Suicidal Tendencies collection! There is a new Maidens Suicidal Tendencies Muscle Tank that just came out and I’m so in love with it! I also really like the Score Fleece and the Swan Dive Boots. They are perfect styles for fall!

Photo Credit: MM Media Team – Krystle Lina