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Brian Deegan could be heard throughout Dodger Stadium on Saturday night! Deegan rolled into the stadium, revving up the motor of the Metal Mulisha Monster Truck for a packed house of Los Angeles, Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans! The 16 truck line-up kicked off the Dodger Stadium Monster Jam challenge with some racing as Deegan qualified and was ready to take on Round 1!

Unfortunately, a broken front axle had hampered Deegan’s racing efforts in the Metal Mulisha Monster Truck, so Deegan was looking forward to taking on the Freestyle event for some redemption.

Right as Deegan’s time started, he pinned it through a motorhome tearing it apart and went for a huge air off the middle section of the track!

Make sure to check back for more updates on the Metal Mulisha Monster Truck! Don’t forget to visit the Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam website for more news, updates, events and ticket sales!

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Fast Qualifier – Monster Energy 19.56

1st round – The Legend def. Monster Energy; Grave Digger def. Metal Mulisha; Iron Man def. Obsession; Iron Outlaw def. Bounty Hunter; Captain America def. Team Hot Wheels; Obsessed def. Ice Cream Man; Maximum Destruction def. Razin’ Kane (Ice Cream Man advanced as fastest 1st round loser)

2nd round – The Legend def. Ice Cream Man; Iron Man def. Grave Digger; Captain America def. Iron Outlaw; Maximum Destruction def. Obsessed

Semifinals – The Legend def. Iron Man; Maximum Destruction def. Captain America

Championship Race – Maximum Destruction defeated the Legend


MONSTER ENERGY 28 (25 + 3 bonus points)
Lucas Oil Crusader 27 (24 + 3)
Team Hot Wheels 25 (22 + 3)

Metal Mulisha 23 (21 + 2)
El Toro Loco 22
Maximum Destruction 22
Captain America 21
Bounty Hunter 20 (18 + 2)
Iron Man 20 (17 + 3)
Razin’ Kane 17 (15 + 2)
Ice Cream Man 16 (15 + 1)
Obsessed 16 (14 + 2)
Obsession 11
The Legend 11
Iron Outlaw 9
Grave Digger 6