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Last week New Zealand native and Metal Mulisha BMX team rider Paul Langlands competed against some of the worlds top riders at the Red Bull Dreamline event near Asheville North Carolina, putting in some amazing runs and showing why he earned his invite. Below is the update and pics direct from Paul himself…

“I Had a really awesome time at Dreamline, the course was so sick and really set up, the entire bottom half had jumps that were the ideal size for me.

Qualifying went well and I came through in the third spot after my morning run. In the Finals I put down 5 solid runs which included 360 spins both ways with combos, off the bike tricks, frontflip combos and backflip combos each run. I definitely felt I’d earned a podium, but in the end it was good enough to place me 7th overall.

Haven’t ridden jumps of this size for a few years so it was rad to back on them again, got me keen to get some similar underway back here in NZ.”

Langlands came out swinging, dropping early runs packed with bangers from top to bottom. This huge frontflip capped one of his first passes. Photo: Red Bull

The New Zealander undoubtedly got the loudest support from the crowd throughout the day, and rightfully so – some of his runs were completely insane and on edge. He pulled superman and no-handed frontflips, toboggan frontflips and backflips, stretched nothings, a nac-nac tiregrab flip, and one run ended with a wild superman tailwhip backflip, a huge superman seatgrab, and a barely-missed frontflip tailwhip. Everybody went nuts, and he tried to land the trick again but suffered another crash that blew his tyre, so he called it there. He was the fans favorite though for sure. Story/Photo: Red Bull