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Over the last week, Jimmy Fitzpatrick has been prepping his FITZLAND FMX Compound in Temecula, CA, for the filming of an upcoming documentary based on the life and legacy of Eigo Sato. The documentary will help raise money for Eigo’s family and the legacy he left behind. Eigo’s family and friends gathered together at Fitzpatrick’s, along with the rest of the FMX community to celebrate his life and ride together in honor of Eigo.

Taka and Schweitzer hit me up and they both wanted to do a documentary video here at FITZLAND for Eigo. I was really pumped they chose my spot to film at. I have spent the last week really dialing this place in with all the heavy equipment. Myself and the boys on the team finished off this new 3rd gear wide-open jump. Its got a nice little double leading into it so it’s really fun and something different. The timing was actually perfect because we just had our first rain this winter so the dirt right now is perfect. This is a day I will always remember riding out with all Eigo’s buddies and meeting his wife and kids… I’ll never forget any of this.” – Jimmy Fitzpatrick

 With cameras rolling and photographers set amongst the course, a stacked field of riders set positions ready to session the 54 acre dirt layout. The mixup consisted of Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Todd Potter, Wes Agee, Kenny BellBrian McCarty, Taka Higashino, James Carter, Andrea Villa, Robbie Maddison, Nate Adams, Ronnie Renner, Scotty Stephens, Twitch and an ongoing list of riders including Eigo’s freestyle friends from Japan.

This is really awesome to have everyone here! It feels like home to me but, only in America. We all used to ride together in Japan so I feel like a kid in a candy store right now. I really wanted to have this documentary filmed here at FITZLAND because Eigo has ridden this before and he really liked it because of the freestyle and freeride options.” – Taka Higashino

Well Eigo has a documentary being made about himself and his life so we are all out here today, hanging out together with friends and Eigo’s family just celebrating his life as much as possible. Eigo was such an amazing guy so for all of us to be out here riding together as a big group, having fun and capturing it all on camera… it couldn’t be any better. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see how today all went down.” – Wes Agee

“ I was contacted by ‘Cazy’ a few months ago who was Eigo Sato’s main filmer over the years of his career. He asked for my help to find a few locations to do a freeride tribute with all of Eigo’s close riding friends. FITZLAND seemed like the obvious choice since Eigo actually rode there a few times and it was close to most of Eigo’s friends. I was brought on as a Producer and DP for the main riding segments here in the America portion of the film. Our second location will be shot in the hills of Southern California on true natural terrain shoveled jumps, which is something Eigo had a ton of respects for. Eigo was one of the most humble and hard working riders I have ever filmed and it has been an honor and privilege to be a part of such an amazing tribute to a true legend of the sport of FMX which we all love.” – Jay Schweitzer