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You have to admit it’s pretty badass when talented people run into each other and end up doing something different, in a world where we seem to see a lot of the same old shit going down.

Earlier this month¬†Metal Mulisha‚Äôs¬†Larry Linkogle¬†happened to be checking out a pool¬†skateboarder¬†Dalton Dern, filmer/skateboarder¬†Josh ‚ÄúPeacock‚ÄĚ Henderson, and photographer¬†Dave Swift¬†had dug out and were filming at, after being introduced by¬†Christian ‚ÄúSkummy‚ÄĚ Diener¬†who has become a close friend with the¬†Mulisha¬†after some fun times together at the¬†GKC fest.

Josh Henderson is the mastermind, he and the rest of his crew dug out the pool which was buried and forgotten at a location in Southern California. Once it was dug up they noticed that they had created a pretty good lip all the way around it, and wanted to see if maybe someone on a dirt bike would be able to clear the pool gap, with Dalton skating underneath. Linkogle came down to check out the setup the DIY crew created, and was into getting the shot and jumping the pool while Dalton got the shot below.

Check out the clip¬†Josh ‚ÄúPeacock‚ÄĚ Henderson¬†put together of the DIY Skate/Moto poach and the sick shot¬†Dave Swift¬†nailed of it all going down.