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Rarely do a couple of weeks pass without Mad Mike Whiddett destroying a set or lets just say 10 sets of tires. Mad Mikes’s Nitto NT-05s met their smoky fate over the past few days and did so in the most dignified way possible – at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of SpeedMad Mike Whiddett made huge progress up the Goodwood hill. As one of the world’s leading (if not the leading) lights in the ever-growing sport of drifting, he and his Mazda RX-7 were always going to make their way up the hill making maximum smoke. Mike didn’t disappoint… sideways almost everywhere and plenty of tire smoke made this one of the most crowd-pleasing runs of the day. Never before has a drift car been seen dominating the Goodwood hill sideways, so the opportunity to do so was a pretty big deal for Mike!

“So honored to receive an award tonight when less than a dozen were presented by Lord March at Goodwood Festival of Speed. My heroes and World Champions were on stage to welcome me up – a surreal experience for sure. Don’t want to sleep in case I wake up and it’s all a dream!” – Mad Mike Whiddett

The RX-7 has just had a cosmetic refresh before being shipped to Goodwood from New Zealand and its highly-tuned four-rotor engine is still as healthy as ever with 530bhp. Check out the video Mike sent over of him giving all the Mulisha fans a walk threw.