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Getting ready to go big this 4th of July?! Let us help you go all out in true Maidens fashion with some of our 4th of July favorites. From your patriotic outfit to your 4th of July themed drinks, the Maidens have got you covered all the way around.

Our Metal Mulisha Maidens helped us put together a few 4th of July outfits and here were their top 3 favorites!

The True American Maiden – Perfect for a 4th of July celebration at the track, the dunes, or the desert!

Let Freedom Ring Tank – Allure Sunglasses – Rock Me Out Sandals – Alter Ego Purse

The 4th of July River Party – Perfect for an all day 4th of July party on the river, at the beach, or by the pool!

Miss Independent Tee – Vices Denim Shorts – Undercover Bikini – Patriot Trucker Hat – Slit It Tote

The Patriotic Backyard BBQ – Perfect for a 4th of July BBQ in the backyard or at the lake with your friends!

Back2Back DIY Fringe Tank – Rage Denim Shorts – Pride Bandana – Show Off Purse – My Perfection Sandals

After gearing up in your favorite Maidens outfit, you’re going to need to style your hair! Toss on the Patriot Trucker Hat or keep the hair out of your eyes with the Pride Bandana. Check out the video tutorial below and find out how to style your hair in our favorite 4th of July bandana hairstyle!


Add a little more red, white, and blue to your 4th of July with our favorite patriotic Maidens nails! Follow the step-by-step guide below and finish off your Maidens 4th of July look.

What’s a 4th of July celebration without alcohol? This patriotic Bomb Pop Shot is one of the Maiden’s favorites! Follow the directions below and toss a few back for America.

You’ll want to chill your Smirnoff Ice before you begin, while leaving the blue curacao and grenadine at room temperature

Step 1: Once your Smirnoff Ice is chilled, pour 2/3oz into a 2 or 3oz shot glass.

Step 2: Now you have to layer the other ingredients into the glass and this takes a little skill. Take a small spoon and place it, bottom side up, into your glass, just above / slightly touching the top of the vodka mixture. If you have never layered a hot before, click here for a video demonstration.

Step 3: Now you want to VERY CAREFULLY pour the Blue Curacao over the top of the spoon so that it can run down the sides of the spoon and dribble onto the Smirnoff where it should stay floating on top. At this point, hopefully you’ll see the two distinct colors (if not keep practicing).

Step 4: Now to add the grenadine. Grenadine is rather thick and heavy so it will naturally float to the bottom of the glass. Carefully pour the grenadine over the spoon and let it drip down the sides of the glass to the bottom.

If you’ve done everything right to this point, you should have some badass bomb pop shots to enjoy. If you didn’t get the layering right, just say f*** it, toss it back, and crack open a beer or break out the whiskey!

Whip up a batch of cupcakes and top them off with some red and white sprinkles or frost a cake with white icing and make an American flag using cut up strawberries and blueberries!

No matter how you plan on celebrating America’s Birthday, we hope you have a good one! Happy 4th of July ladies!