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Mark “The Bear” Smith
RIP: December 24th, 1973 – May 14th, 2010

Mulisha family member Mark Smith, passed away Friday May 14th, 2010, at his home in Maui, Wailuku, Hawaii. Mark started training in 1996 at Beverly Hills Ju-Jitsu, and received his Purple Belt from Sensei Marcus Vinicius. The Bear trained with Bas Ruten in 1999, which led him to hold the UAGF Heavyweight Belt and also hold the UK Cagewars Heavyweight. Since moving to Hawaii Mark put together a team of top fighters on the islands who call themselves the Maui Mulisha.

Mark became a close friend, MMA Trainer and bodyguard of Brian Deegan in 1996. After training with Deegan, Jeremy Lusk, Ronnie Faisst and other Mulisha Members, The Bear, became a part of the Mulisha Family.

Mark said, “My quest in life is to be the best I can be if its fighting, coaching, body guarding or just giving back all the knowledge I’ve picked up throughout all my years of experience in life! Being true to your family and friends and not being a poser or fall over, but trying to be a lender is what I truly believe is a must in life!

The Bear continued to train and coach his friends on the Mulisha team as he also changed his life on July 3rd 2008. Mark was saved and devoted his life to god with the help of his new Pastor and good friend TJ. Mark said, “It was a great feeling, it was like a million pounds of bullshit just fell off my back.

Deegan said “Mark Smith was one of my best friends. I had so many good times with his like when he trained me to win the LA sx. One of a few guys who really made me laugh and always looked out for everyone! Ill miss him. My prayers to his family and friends. I was with Mark when he got saved so ill see him in Heaven…RIP ”

After visiting Mark’s MySpace page we have one of Mark’s last quotes from his Heroes Section: “The big man upstairs “GOD”, My MOM, And my sister Tammy always look down at me from Heaven, “I sure miss her”!!! Jeremy Lusk Word is Bond my little Brother!! Even that I was older than you your words meant so much 2 me!!!!! I miss u Lusk hold it down up there In Gods Hands!!!!!

This tragedy and loss will never be forgotten. Mark will always be in our hearts now and forever. RIP BEAR watch over the rest of us as you will always be in our thoughts and prayers.