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Metal Mulisha Athletes Vickie Golden and Brian “McGnarls” McCarthy looked to solidify themselves into the top 3 for a chance at X Games glory at the New Orleans Event Center in Las Vegas. Vickie is the only female in the field and McGnarls first ever big stage competition, things were definitely going to be exciting. 12 Athletes started the competition from heavy hitting names like Jarryd McNeil, Tom Parsons, and Kris Foster to name a few.

Vickie and McGnarls made it through the first few rounds graduating to the 27FT pole where McGnarls was knocked off, but not without a fight just clipping the bar on his way down. McGnarls would finish the night off in the 7th spot. Next up was Vickie and did she ever SEND IT! Clearing the bar by well over 5FT and moving onto the next round. The field was down to 6 athletes, Tom Parsons, Mossimo Bianconcini, Kris Foster, Allistair Sayer, Vickie Golden and Jarryd McNeil. Vickie easily cleared the mark, once again and moving on to the top 5! After getting a little too much traction on her next hit Vickie took a very unfortunate hard hit and ended up in the Endurocross track. Tough as nails, she picked up her twisted bike and bruised body to make another run at it. Unfortunately the bike was too damaged for her to make another attempt, but nonetheless the fans at the New Orleans Event Center were on their feet for Vickie and proving once again she can compete with the boys!