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Metal Mulisha took to the hills of Ocotillo California for our Fall 2016 shoot with the team for two days of mad max style apocalyptic conditions, including blazing heat, lighting storms, and plenty of riding and partying. The mayhem ensued as the group of misfits including Ronnie Faisst, Jacko Strong, Larry Linkogle, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Colin Morrison, Derek Garland, Matt Buyten, Kenny Bell, Vicki Golden, and Julian Dusseau tore up everything around them, literally burning down the camp and destroying everything they got their hands on.

After a late afternoon FMX session in the hills the crew got busy partying into the night while lightning storms lit up the hills around us, and the crack of thunder rattled the camp like shotgun blasts. Check out the entire adventure including epic shots from photographer Chris Tedesco, and be sure to check out the latest gear available now at your local Metal Mulisha dealer.