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The Metal Mulisha Fitz Army Freestyle Show posted up for the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernadino with riders Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Julian Dusseau, Todd Potter, and Cloud Toda putting on a badass performance for the packed event, and one if it’s main sponsors BHOgart.

Saturday kicked off with upwards of 10,000 attendees who came out to spend the weekend crusing through the festival, enjoying some live music, killer people watching, and a chance to watch the boys huck some backflips and perform for the packed event. The night even included live music performances from rappers B-Real of Cypress hill, and the Infamous Rick Ross, who’s performance lit up the inside of the massive hanger at the National Orange Show like the inside of a fog machine!

To say there where some interesting people hanging with the team and getting autographs would be an understatement, but the riders kicked ass and knocked out a badass performance for all the fans who came out to cheer them on. A highlight of the day was when FMX rider Cloud Toda hit his first ramp to ramp set up live in front of the packed crowd, Cloud is unfortunately paralyzed from the waist down from an accident, so watching him hit the ramp with the rest of the guys was nothing short of badass!!

Thanks to everyone who came out to watch the show, and to BHOgart and High Times for having us out.