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This past weekend Metal Mulisha invaded the GKC Fest, put on by Olympian Snowboarder Trevor Jacob. Metal Mulisha riders Derek Garland and Jimmy Fitzpatrick stopped by to witness some of the mayhem put on by the GKC crew and friends. Upon arriving we witnessed one of the base jumpers almost getting hit by a crop dusting plane on his way down, so we knew we were in for some insanity. Some of the highlights of the festival included, being woken up to one of Trevor’s friends ex-wives new Cadillac being set on fire and completely obliterated. After that was all said and done, it was time to base jump out of the helicopter rented by Trevor for the weekend festivities. Johnny Strange and his crew jumped out at 2000ft and parachuted straight back to down to Trevor’s property and one hard slam from a fellow base jumper. We all immediately raced up to the pump track to witness the first ever last man standing contest at GKC Fest.

After some serious carnage during the last man standing contest and the eventual winner Pro Snowboarder Hagen Kearney came out victorious, we headed back down the hill to witness the ladies Mud Wrestling contest. None other than hardest Party Dude of the Weekend award winner Christian “Skummy” Diener was the judge for this match-up and it was a good one! As the festivities came to an end, it was time for Trevor’s last minute surprise with Nihilistic and Hammered Heavy-Metal Bands both playing along with a Fire Dancer and Sword Swallower for everyone to enjoy! All in all this was an amazing event and we are truly honored that Trevor Jacob and his crew had us out again to experience it with him and his crazy crew of friends! Stay tuned for the full video recap COMING SOON!