Mulisha Mayhem on Tour!

  • 1 min read

The Rockstar Metal Mulisha show is still on the road for the Mayhem TourGarland, Fitzpatrick and Agee and partyin’ like rockstars, with real rockstars every night! If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook then you have seen all the sick updates straight from the tour. If not, you’re missing out. Here’s a sample of what the guys have been up to:

Hells Angels dig the Mulisha too!

Hagy and Slayer’s Kerry King…

Also, our friends from TransworldMX cruised out to a few stops for a future story you can catch in the mag. But for now, here’s a photo gallery.

Speaking of photo galleries, remember that you can upload your photos from Mayhem Tour straight to the Rockstar Mayhem Festival photo gallery!

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