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Over the weekend the Metal Mulisha team heated up the ‘ Sin City’ strip during round 13 and 14 of the 2013 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Championship. With only three rounds remain this season Deegan, Leduc, Smith, Cheek, and Hailie all prepared themselves for a act of war out on the Las Vegas soil. The outcome of this weekend will mold many driver’s season standings, while others can take the spotlight and continue the fight to the Championship title.


PRO 4 – The battle of the Leduc brothers was underway! Metal Mulisha’s Todd Leduc fired things up out on the track against his brother Kyle. In the first five laps , the front four runners began to open up a gap over the rest of the field, and during lap six MacCachren suddenly slowed with a serious mechanical issue with Adler following on lap twelve causing a full course yellow.

This posted Todd back into the ranks with firepower to jam his way back into the ranks. Back on a wave of the Green flag, LeDuc and Barron began to fight hard for the final spot on the podium while turning up the pressure on his brother Kyle. Todd wrapped up his fight to the finish taking 3rd. Congrats Leduc fucking insane battle!

MODIFIED KART – Metal Mulisha points leader Myles Cheek jumped out to an early lead with Scotty Steele second, Cole Mamer third and Jeff Hoffman in fourth

Two drivers ended up nosed against the inside rail at turn one, and without a reverse gear to free themselves, another full course caution came out so that track officials could get the two kids going again. Cheek once again was smoking everyone and picked up the win!

PRO LITE UNLIMITED - Deegan was ready to reclaim the throne during this class battle. Right as the flag waved Green, Brian jumped in the front with Bradley Morris, RJ Anderson, Sheldon Creed, and Noah Fouch trailing behind.

Coming out of the final corner, Anderson then caught the outside wall and rolled which officials laying down a Red flag. When racing resumed on lap five Deegan still was pulling the lead until lap 10 when Creed started to slowly reel in Deegan. Brian shook him off and Creed let up bicycling hard at turn two and dropped two spots to fourth giving Deegan a clean race to the finish taking 1st!

Brian now owns a series-best 49-point advantage in the points chase, and only needs to out-score Creed by four points.

PRO 2 – Watching this race is like a bareknuckle street fight. With the final race of the night read to go down Deegan strapped himself in coming off his PRO LITE race ready to battle once again. Deegan held a third place position until lap six. With excessive debris on the track forced a full course yellow.

On the ensuing restart lap, Deegan made a insane dive into turn four as he tried to get past Hart, but Hart wouldn’t let up. At the end of that lap, Deegan’s night ended in huge flash of fire and smoke. An immediate red flag was thrown, and although Deegan was able to quickly get the truck stopped and climb out to safety, the disgust and immediate realization of the gravity of the incident was more than evident on his face and in his body language. Indeed, after consistently clawing himself up to the points leader MacCachren over the last three races, Deegan’s bid for a third straight championship have taken a big hit here tonight. Deegan now sits at 551 in points for the championship placing him in third.


PRO 2 – The first race of the night was Pro 2 Unlimited with Deegan once again holding it down in third. Two laps later, Deegan bicycled in turn two and dropped back one spot to fourth. At the white flag, it was now Woods, Renezeder, MacCachren, Menzies, and Deegan in the top five.

With the fight continuing turn for turn Deegan finished up taking 4th on the final night but still sits 3rd in the Championship standings.

MODIFIED KART – Next up was Modified Kart, and a couple of incidents during lap one, it was Gavin Harlien out front with our young gun Cheek chasing him down. Over the second half of the race, the top five raced quick and clean, and everyone held their positions. This gave Harlien the win, with Cheek second, Mamer third, Hoffman fourth, and Hardesty Jr.

In the points battle, Cheek has widened his gap back to second place, which now belongs to Mamer, who leapfrogged Preston Roben here tonight. Cheek now stands at 605 on the year, with Mamer at 577, Roben third with 573, and Hoffman at 566, the only other driver in with a chance at the title.

PRO LITE UNLIMITED – Deegan was holding it down in the top five and at the end of lap three, and on the restart lap, Deegan dropped several spots up in turn one. Pissed off and ready pushing his way back into the fight he caught back up during lap seven, pushing his way back into 5th.

Brian got by Creed early on a restart lap to take over second, and tried his best to get up and challenge Anderson for the lead over the final lap. With the final lap coming to an end, Deegan finished off the night taking 2nd on the podium. Insane finish Deegan! Congrats on the come back.

PRO 4 – The final race of the weekend and Todd LeDuc was ready for some revenge from last nights race.

During the first lap Todd LeDuc held a 4th place position and Kyle spinning out… Todd got past him and starting working his way towards the front of the pack. A full course yellow had already been thrown before Kyle had gotten moving again, and when racing resumed, it was now MacCachren out front, with Renezeder, Todd LeDuc and Bailey. Pushing past the carnage and holding his line, LeDuc rounded out the podium for the second straight race taking 3rd place.