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JackoDeeganPotter and the rest of the team put in some hard work at the Metal Mulisha Compound over the last week. With 22 acres of Temecula Wine Country dirt to play with and many more future plans of building, the team dialed in Phase 1 of the rebuild.

Jacko went to work and moved some dirt near the cement runway and added a 85 foot dirt-to-dirt jump that sits in the middle of a 75 foot ramp to the left and 110 foot ramp to the right

Behind the jumps rest a new 60 foot Superkicker ramp that pops off to massive dirt landing the rest of the jumps landings meet. Across from the wallride sits another 50 foot Superkicker ramp that has a dirt roll-in and steps-up to a dirt landing.

We put in some serious work over here trying to build up the course as much as possible and have some more flow to ride. Been a few days from sunrise to sundown on the tractors. So far so good, we all can’t wait to finish off the project and put out a new video update for the fans.” - Jacko

With Phase 1 complete the team continues to build Phase 2 and 3 which are almost complete. Make sure to visit our Rebuilding The Metal Mulisha Compound photo gallery and flip around through the rest of the photos. Want to build your own track at the Metal Mulisha Compound…? If you haven’t played the Metal Mulisha World Domination video game then your basically missing out on the most bad ass game to download on your iphone!