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Red Bull X-Fighters lands in Greece for the first time. The ultimate FMX World Tour includes the Hellenic Capital, Athens in the calendar and is set to offer an amazing spectacle inside Dionyssos Marble Quarry. Operating since the Golden Age of Pericles, the quarries of the area have provided thousands of cubic meters of marble used to build the Acropolis monument as well as most of the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman sculptures. On June 12th, the Red Bull X-Fighters riders promise to take us on a breathtaking journey connecting Now and Then. Metal Mulisha Athlete Rob Adelberg will be competing in Red Bull X-Fighters for the first time year, alongside of Tom Pages, Clinton Moore, Levi Sherwood, Josh Sheehan and a cast of talented athletes!

Dionyssos Marble Quarry, produces the world-renowned “Dionyssos-Pentelicon” marble and lays on 9 surface and 2 underground sites. It is located in northeast Athens, which is the capital and largest city of Greece. Named after Goddess Athena, Athens, is one of the world’s oldest cities, home of arts, philosophy and the birthplace of democracy.

Check those outstanding quick facts about the venue

• Dionyssos Marble Quarry is located on Mount Penteli, one of the oldest Marble Regions In Greece
• The Quarries on Mount Penteli provided Marble for the Acropolis any many other Ancient Buildings
• The Dionyssos Quarry is 350m x 230m wide, 80m deep and features 12 different mining levels
• The track is the biggest FMX Track of the 2015 World Tour
• 3 Kickers, 3 Super Kickers, 2 Dirt Jumps and 3 Quarter Pipes
• The track will be built on three Quarry Levels, with each Level being 5-7m high
• Track Building requires 12.500m3 = 600 Truck Loads of Dirt
• 600 Lights Fixtures with 4km of cables for Track Lighting
• Building Time of 3 Weeks