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Today, February 9th, 2017, marks the eight year anniversary of the day we lost our legendary friend, Metal Mulisha Family member, and FMX icon  Jeremy Lusk during his run in a competition in 2009. Lusk was 24 years old and on a rocket ship ride to the top of the FMX game taking home the Xgames Silver medal in FMX Best trick, and the Gold medal in FMX in 2009, securing his mark on the history of the sport.

Beyond being an absolute threat and fierce competitor on the course, he was known for his giant heart and passion for the sport and riding, as well as loyalty to his friends and family. Lusk and the rest of the team riders would spend every day riding at the Metal Mulisha compound, working and perfecting their style, while pushing each other further and harder every day to improve to take the top spots in the sport.

Lusk will forever be missed by every rider in FMX, he was a legendary personality who was modest, yet bigger than life in the way he performed and the tricks he threw down. His style and attitude were something that will never be replaced, we are forever grateful for the time we had to share with him while he was here.

Ride in Peace Jeremy Lusk, you will always be remembered, Metal Mulisha Family forever

Jeremy Lusk

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