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It’s hard to believe that is has already been 7 years since we lost a FAMILY member and dear friend Jeremy Lusk. One of the saddest moments in FMX history was the day our close friend and Mulisha family member Jeremy Lusk left us. On February 9th, 2009 tragedy struck across the world with his very unfortunate FMX accident. Every year on this day marks the anniversary of the greatest freestyle motocross rider that has ever lived.

Jeremy was admired and an inspiration to us all, as he was such a talented athlete taking the sport of freestyle motocross to the next level. Whether it’s Jeremy’s family, friends, or fans he touched and inspired each and everyone in an unique way. Jeremy will be deeply missed and never forgotten. This segment below was taken from Powerband Films, On the Pipe 5 and shows how Lusk made his way to the top becoming the best freestyle motocross rider in the world. Please take a moment, watch this short clip and leave Lusk a warm message below.