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Rob Adelberg will set a warriors tempo on the Red Bull X- Fighters FMX battlefield when the 14th season concludes with its first World Tour final in Africa on August 23. The 2014 season finale also marks the 50th event since 2001 and will be staged in front of the iconic Union Buildings in Pretoria that house the offices of the President of South Africa, famed as the place where Nelson Mandela was inaugurated in 1994.

Adelberg has been on a season streak that is giving the rest of the field a run for their money each stop. With an overall score of 120 points Rob has plenty of room to unleash his biggest tricks during the final event for a chance to place in the top 5. During the last stops in Germany and Japan, Rob was looking better than ever with his list of tricks and textbook extensions. While time off the tour, Rob has been training back home on Aussi soil with Mulisha teammate, Truman Carroll. Adelberg understands the structure of the contest while grasping the judging format to maximize points in each run. Points are earned for; Variety, Challenge and Execution, Style, Use of Course and Show / Spectator Reaction.

The battle will unfold in front of 100,000 spectators this Saturday while Rob squares off with, Levi Sherwood, Josh Sheehan, Tom Pages, Dany Torres, Taka Higashino, Remi Bizouard, Adam Jones, Clinton Moore, Maikel Melero, Nick DeWit and Alastair Sayer. The track itself in Pretoria is the biggest track with the most options this season and the riders will find an FMX playground that will offer more lines than any other track this year.

Track Facts:
– 600 truck loads of dirt
– 11.000 square meters
– 5 Ramp Jumps
– 3 Dirt-to-Dirt Jumps
– 2 Quarter Pipes
– 15+ total jump options

Make sure to check back for more updates with Rob and catch all the Red Bull X-Fighters action in Pretoria LIVE!

Webcast: We will stream the entire competition live right here on, Red Bull TV, Xbox 360, Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV. Please note that the live webcast is not available in the US, but the highlights will be aired on Fox Sports 1.

August 23
South Africa: 01:30pm (SAST) | Europe: 01:30pm (CET) | Canada: 04:30am (PST) | Mexico: 06:30am (CST)
Brasil: 08:30am (BRT) | Japan: 08:30pm (JST) | Australia: 09:30pm (AEST) | New Zealand: 11.30pm (NZST)

TV: The main event will also broadcast live on several TV stations around the globe. Please check local listings for details.

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