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Todd Leduc stepped up to the plate over the weekend fighting his way into the Red Bull Frozen Rush while going head-to-head in his 900 horsepower Rockstar Energy/Loan Mart/Metal Muliasha/ PRO4.

The timing of this race couldn’t of been any better with the polar vortex dropping single digit temperatures across Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry, Maine. The race format will be a bracketed, single elimination with two drivers on course at a time. Eight of the best drivers in The Off-Road Championship (TORC) and Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) tested their skills on uncharted territory in search of a mountain champ. The drivers climbed the nearly mile-long course, ascending 550 vertical feet before returning again to the base of the hill.

The first practice day was on Wednesday, where most of the drivers first had the opportunity to drive on the ski slopes and Thursday was qualifying. “It was unfortunate for me during qualifying. I broke my a gear before practice so I didn’t really get to test out the track at all. I went into qualifying pretty much blind but ready to really push my truck. It was a rush for sure not knowing the track and just going for it. I clipped the side of a gate and was docked some points which put me in last for the qualify.” – Todd Leduc

On race day Friday, over 10,000 spectators lined up along the course carved out of the mountain that’s normally a ski slope. The format of the head-to-head festivities was a bracketed, single-elimination with two drivers on the course at the same time. Each race consists of two laps with drivers alternating between the red and blue course with time penalties added for false starts and missed gates. All of the competitors would drive an all-wheel drive PRO4 race truck. Leduc was up against our good friend Rob MacCachren during the final race who was the number one seeded driver.

“Man we both started out really battling the for speed at first. It was such a rush jumping the gap and gripping into corners at 94+ mph! The track was super white and a little hard to see but hey; I drove my ass off, gave Rob a run for his money, had fun, and couldn’t be more thankful for the experience. It would be so cool if they added more jumps, maybe some rails we could hit and really mix up the sport out here. Thank you to all my sponsors for this experience, Rockstar Energy Drink, Loan Mart, Metal Muliasha, Maxxis Tires, K&N Filter, KC Lights, Coldcock Whiskey and Ultra Wheels! All I know is that I need to do this again!” – Todd Leduc

Todd finished up the Red Bull Frozen Rush challenge taking 5th place in his PRO4. Congrats Todd!