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Metal Mulisha crew headed out to Milestone MX Park this past weekend to support the 6th annual Transworld MX Slam Festival. Great racing took place and even better times were had! Check out the photos below.

The Metal Mulisha crew also entered the 6th Annual TWMX Industry Cup with Kenny Bell, Matt Buyten and Nick Evennou running the Elite Industry Class. Every brand entered into the Industry Cup must assemble a three man team of employees, who then compete against the rest of the field in a three-race MXoN-style format. As of last year, a new class was implemented for the actual “desk jockeys” of the industry who aren’t current or former professional racers, and we aptly named it the Desk Jockey class. Ultimately, this helps to level out the playing field, as most of us would be a little intimidated lining up next to someone who made a career out of racing dirt bikes. And for the companies fielding a roster of riders who are current or former pros, they line up in the Elite class.

When it came time for the Elite class to line up, it was clear who the favorite to win was going to be, as Jeremy McGrath laid down blistering lap times throughout the day. “The King” went on to two moto victories and he was nearly uncontested during his second moto. That wasn’t the case in the first moto, though, as team Metal Mulisha’s Nick Evennou got out to the early lead over the rest of the field. Evennou led the first few laps, but MC made quick work of the former pro. That wasn’t the last of the battle, though, as MC reluctantly stalled his bike allowing for Evennou to get by for the lead as the final laps were already at hand. MC gathered himself quickly and then proceeded to chase down and pass the Metal Mulisha team member in an effort to help Team Green Kawasaki’s overall standings. It just wasn’t enough, though, as team bettered the rest of their competitors throughout the rest of the day. Brett Cue, Rory Sullivan and Brandon Hoff never actually won a moto, but again, consistency is the key and that’s what got them to the top step of the podium with the Tretta-Motoda Cup in hand. Not a bad reward for coming all the way down to Southern California from Washington! In second place, the EKS Brand Goggle team of Rich Taylor Sr. (dad), Richard Taylor Jr. (oldest son) and Zach Taylor (youngest son) were the only team entirely comprised of family members. Rich Sr. rode nothing less than wide open on his way to a moto victory, while Rich Jr. made an impressive last lap push towards MC in the first moto of the day were he finished in second, and Zach ripped around Milestone’s main track on the only 85cc machine out there. In the end, team EKS Brand stood in second overall, while Fox Racing’s Elite class team of Joey Lancaster, JJ Pecsok and Konnrad Kuest rounded out the final podium position in third thanks to their their two moto wins.