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The Codys D1NZ National Championship season is starting to come together after round 3 of 6 it’s Mad Mike Whiddett that holds a 77.5 point lead ahead of the field after three podium finishes in as many rounds.

Our weekend couldn’t have kicked off any better by earning the highest score ever awarded in D1NZ qualifying history and the #1 qualifying spot just nudging out Andrew Redward. Kaz from Townsend Brotherz Racing opted for new suspension and alignment settings to suit the temporary course which allowed me to have a super aggressive driving style and commit 100% into the concrete K rail clipping points. When the car is set up right for the course it feels like an extension of my body and I can then place it right where the judges want it.” – Mad Mike

After a bye in the top 32 bracket Whiddett came up against Chris Jackson in top 16 putting down a text book lead and chase. Top 8 he met Aden Omnet who stepped it up putting on a good fight but in the end it was Whiddett who moved on to the top 4 bracket. The semi final battles were hailed as the best ever seen battles in D1NZ history as ‘Mad’ Mike faced off with the current D1NZ Champion Fanga Dan Woolhouse. The battles were too close to call with the Judges declaring to send them out ‘one more time’. ‘Mad’ Mike was announced as the winner moving on to a spot in the final battle. The final was always going to be tough with the two highest qualifiers meeting to battle. Neither drivers afraid to get close to the concrete walls that had claimed a lot of victims throughout the weekend.

I led the first pass, laying down what felt like my best run the entire weekend, fast, aggressive and hitting all the clipping points. I knew it would be tough work for Redward to match my accuracy on the clipping points, big angle and speed throughout the judged section and we held the advantage as we swapped for my turn to chase. I knew what I had to do however on the drag race into the judged section I missed third gear resulting in Andrew Redward instantly gaining 4 car lengths. At this stage I knew it was game over. Overall I’m stoked with our final placing, Tauranga really turned out with D1NZs biggest crowd to date, second year running.” – Mad Mike

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