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X Games 16 wrapped up on Sunday in true Mulisha style with the Speed & Style event, ghost rides and all! Even though Travis Pastrana took Gold, and Nate Adams Silver, Twitch, Ronnie Faisst and Brian Deegan stole the show. The Mulisha vs. Mulisha racing was by far the most exciting of the night, and possibly of the whole X Games!

After the timed qualifying round, the head-to-head match ups were next. Twitch qualified 3rd and Deegan 6th. Which meant Twitch vs. Deegan in the head-to-head quarter finals! Twitch beat the General straight up, but the are no hard feelings and the two finished it off with big side-by-side whips. Twitch moved onto the semi final vs. Nate Adams.

Ronnie Faisst beat Kevin Johnson in his match up, thanks to a much higher style score, taking him to the semi final vs. Pastrana. In the semi Pastrana was hauling ass and was able to beat Faisst to move to the finals.

Twitch was matched up against Adams in the semi. This was set to be a solid match up as Twitch and Adams were both really fast and both have huge tricks. But Twitch got hung up on the starting gate and was behind from the start. He was able to make up some ground on Adams while throwing a big no handed flip for style. Then the whoops happened. Twitch was taking the far left line and got a little too far left in to the soft dirt and swapped out. Twitch was out of the finals, but there was still a Bronze medal up for grabs…another MM vs. MM battle! Twitch vs. Faisst!

This is where things got crazy! In the first carpeted corner, Twitch slid out! Faisst was way out front and it looked like he was cruising to an easy win for Bronze. But then the whoops happened…again! Faisst clicked 3rd gear going into the whoops, but he stalled his 450!!!! Twitch passed him through the whoops and went on to take the checkered flag and ghost ride his bike off the landing for the Bronze medal.

Then, out of nowhere, Deegan came running out to let them know that they had only finished 3 laps and the race wasn’t over! The flag guy messed up and waved the checkers too early. Because of all the confusion, the mistake by the flagger, the fact that Twitch’s bike was weeded and he couldn’t race anymore, the X Games people decided to give both Twitch & Faisst Bronze medals!

Congrats to all on a good show and bringing home some more X Games hardware!

In case you lost count, that’s a total of 10 X Games medals this year for the Metal Mulisha!