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Austin, Texas ‚ÄstLast week Metal Mulisha team riders¬†Jackson Strong and¬†Rob Adelberg¬†battled it out at¬†X Games¬†in Austin Texas amongst some of the top athletes from all over the world.¬†Rob Adelberg¬†earned Silver in the¬†X Games Monster Energy¬†FMX competition, and¬†Jackson Strong¬†clinched gold in¬†the X Games Monster Energy¬†FMX Best trick contest, after a disastrous crash in the quarter pipe contest had sent him to the hospital.

 Rob Adelberg competed against a stacked roster of riders during the X Games Monster Energy FMX contest, where he was able to put together a solid performance showcasing his technical ability and variable bag of tricks, which included an Eggroll Cordova off of the quarter pipe, and helped to secure his Sliver Medal finish. He was just barely edged out by fellow Australian Josh Sheehan who took home Gold, which including Bronze medalist Clinton Moore made it an Australian sweep.

 Jackson Strong took home the Gold in X Games Monster Energy FMX best trick with a perfectly executed front flip stomping his way into this history books and his locking in his third X Games Gold Medal for Best Trick. Strong just barely missed landing his double drop backflip in the X Games Monster Energy FMX quarter pipe best trick, and had to be airlifted to the hospital after his crash sent his handlebars under his helmet and into his neck, producing a puncture wound.

 The EMT staff on site ordered Strong be transported via medi-flight to the hospital to ensure he would still able to compete, once checked by the staff he was able to be transported back to the X Games event site in the medi-flight, arriving with only seconds to spare before his FMX best trick run was set to begin. The pit area exploded with cheers, as well as the packed crowd when Strong landed his front flip, clinching his third Gold medal in a row.

 Matt Buyten put in his fourteenth straight year at the X Games Life Proof step up contest, edging out the competition until getting knocked out in round three after putting in a solid effort for the night. Vicki Golden competed in the Xgames Monster Energy best whip contest, showing off her skills in front of the packed crowds, but was unfortunately unable to make it to the final round of the competition.

 Weather had impacted much of the X Games schedules and events, postponing the Monster Energy FMX Best trick and Best Whip contests, but despite lackluster conditions for most of the athletes competing, they were able to bring the energy and a incredibly high level of Freestyle Motocross action to the Austin fans.