2013 LA X Games Rallycross

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Just east of downtown Los Angeles, Brian Deegan heated things up during the X Games Global Rallycross event held at Irwindale Speedway! Deegan laid it down during practice and was hauling ass out on the track while he finished taking first in qualifying. When it all came down to the main, Deegan forced his way into the pack holding his speed and line into the first and second turn.

Deegan moved into position ready for a pass when Heikkinen rubbed-up on Doran who connected with Block, and took down half the field of drivers along with Deegan going nose-in taking out the front of his ride. At this point, coming back into the fight was still an option but it would take some work.

Finally getting his Rallycar fired back up, Deegan was on a mission to gun down the front of the pack and get back into the fight. Brian never let up once and pledged war out on the track powering his way to the checkered flag. With a damaged car, Deegan wrapped things up taking 7th. Got to give it to the General for seriously giving it 150% out there today and fighting past all the bullshit on the track. One hell of a race!

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RallyCross Final
Gold: Toomas Heikkinen, 6:15.573 (FIN)
Silver: Tanner Foust, 6:19.678 (USA)
Bronze: Sverre Isachsen, 6:25.002 (NOR)

RallyCross Final Results
1. Toomas Heikkinen, 6:15.573 (FIN)
2. Tanner Foust, 6:19.678 (USA)
3. Sverre Isachsen, 6:25.002 (NOR)
4. Rhys Millen, 6:31.579 (USA)
5. Travis Pastrana, 6:47.646 (USA)
6. Ken Block, 6:55.629 (USA)
7. Brian Deegan, -1 lap (USA)
8. Patrik Sandell, -2 laps (SWE)
9. Scott Speed, -5 laps (USA)
10. Liam Doran, -10 laps (GBR)