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The 2013 X Games global tour is gearing up for its 6th and final stop in Los Angeles, CA. The streets of LA will be swarming with action sports enthusiasts from August 1st to the 4th, and the Metal Mulisha team is ready to wreak some havoc. Mulisha team riders Adelberg, Agee, Buyten, Deegan, Golden, Jack-O, and Potter are prepared for their events and are ready to bring some X Games medals back to the compound.

Thursday’s events kick off with Moto X Freestyle. Jack-O, Adelberg, Potter, and Agee are set to throw down their best list of tricks during the event, and there is no doubt that the four will impress the X Games judges and fans! Cam Sinclair received a last minute alternate invite to Moto X Freestyle, so we are hoping that he will get a chance to compete. Moto X Best Whip is also set to go down on Thursday night, with Vicki Golden representing the Mulisha. Golden is the first female to compete in this male dominated event and she is prepared to get sideways with the guys. Moto X Best Whip is fan voted, so be sure to watch and place your vote for VG! During Friday’s events, Brian Deegan and Matt Buyten will take on their competitors in Moto X Step Up. After grabbing a silver medal in X Games Munich, Buyten is ready to raise the bar even further and take home the gold in LA. Saturday, Vicki Golden will be back in action banging bars with the world’s best female motocross racers in Women’s Moto X Racing. The two-time defending X Games gold medalist is gunning for a three-peat, and given her tract record, Golden will be a hard one to beat!
The final stop on the 2013 X Games global tour wraps up on Sunday with Rallycross. Deegan is ready to fire up his Rally Car and race his competitors to the checkers. Be sure to catch all of the action on ESPN, and check back to our website throughout X Games for the latest updates and news. Don’t miss out and get your hands on the official X Games Black Hole team shirt.