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Who’s ready for a shot of Stephanie? Metal Mulisha Maiden Stephanie Pietz has been raising hell this month and doing it up right for the Maidens. Check out her monthly recap below and find out what this beautiful badass has been up to!

August started out with a bang for me at the 74th Annual Sturgis Bike Rally. This was my first year working at Sturgis and I didn’t leave dissappointed! If you haven’t attended one of these events, I suggest you mark it on your calendar. I was working for Rockstar energy all week passing out free Rockstar swag, sampling their new flavors and doing stage giveaways in between stage sets for all the awesome bands that played!

– Working hard in front of Easyriders Saloon sampling Rockstar at the 74th Annual Sturgis Bike Rally.

I got a chance to take the custom Rockstar Harley soft tail out for a ride during one of my breaks and cause a ruckus down main street!

– Taking a cruise on the Rockstar Harley custom soft tail at the 74th Annual Sturgis Bike Rally.

After getting home from that shitshow, I decided to spend some quality time with my dirt bike…and my girlfriends! haha. One of my favorite places to ride is called Four Peaks. You can hit the trails out there all day and motor straight up to the lake, park the bikes, do a few pulls behind the boat, and get back on the bikes and motor out. It’s legit.

– My girl Brittany and I shredding the trails at Four Peaks on our way to Saguaro Lake

I just learned how to ride a standup jet ski and I’ve been working hard on some wakeboard tricks. I’ve never been one to give up on anything, so I will master it one day soon!

– My first time trying a stand up jet ski.. I nailed that shit. First try!

– Me carving some butter in front of my girlfriends at Saguaro Lake.

Aside from all the fun, I’ve been busy with photoshoots, work and a few other projects. I finally got my custom dirt bike graphics all squared away and shipped. Just in time for dune season!

– My new custom Metal Mulisha graphics kit designed by my good friend at ECD customs.

I have a few painting and art projects I’ve recently started that should be wrapped up next month. I also just shot for Hungarian Tattoo magazine this month! I’m excited to see the images they pick to use and I’ve been told it could be a potential cover! August was a good month for me, and September will be even better!

– A sample photo from my shoot with Jim Louvau for Hungarian Tattoo Magazine.

Check back next month for another shot of Stephanie and be sure to keep up with her on social media!
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