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M/M: What have you been up to Paul?

Langers: After my Jam and Farm Jam I had a bit of chill time. Got some digging done and still riding but not super hard just enjoying flowing trails and getting sideways.

M/M: Any new tricks on the bike?

Langers: Just landed my first Frontflip Tailwhip over the weekend so I was pretty pumped on that. Am playing with a couple other big things but they won’t come out until I’ve got them on lock.

M/M: How was your recent win at the Slopestyle?

Langers: A couple weeks ago I got an invite down there to the Queenstown Slopestyle. I got back on the preparation buzz, rode in the foam pit pretty hard and that’s when I learned the Frontflip Tailwhip. From there I took it to the comp and brought home the Best Trick prize. It was a sick atmosphere at the comp. Was in the middle of the town all lit up and the crowd was huge.

M/M: What trick feels the best to you?
Langers: My favorite would have to be getting sideways as possible. You can always tweak it some more and when you get to that 90 degrees point and it feels pretty rad!
M/M: When do you plan on coming to the USA next?
Langers: I’m heading over in the start of May! Hitting up Stephen Murray’s Jam comp. I also plan to ride some sick trails! Catch up with the Mulisha crew and hang out with the usual antics.
M/M: Linkogle said he wants your help building a BMX park at his compound. What would you build?
Langers: Yea I’m all down for that! I’d build whatever size and flow he’d be after. Have to build something big though for sure!

M/M: Any new digging projects in the works at home?

Langers: I’ve found a pretty sick natural terrain spot I’m shaping up only using a shovel. If it all works out the hit will be 70ft step up in a paddock. I want to do it all by shovel. It would be setting some new record shit and it’s still keeping it back where it all began without using machines. It will be pretty gnarly but if it’s all dug right it will be sweet.

M/M: Everyone on the team wonders… What would it be like if Paul Langlands rode a dirt bike… Any chance on that happening?

Langers: Haha me on a dirt bike can get pretty loose. I ‘try’ would be a good description, am all about it though. Can brappppp around sweet, but if I start hitting jumps my confidence and enjoyment over powers my skill level haha.

M/M: What’s a Friday night like for you?

Langers: Usually some games of pool at the mates, few beers ‘n yarns. Happens most nights of the week but most likely Friday as well haha. Most of the boys are my crew that is out in the trails with me, so it’s a lot of dirt jump discussions and random rants going down!

M/M: What’s your drink… Beer or Liquor ?

Langers: Oooh depends at the time. If I’ve just finished a jam and I’m puffed, thirsty as fuck, it’s sick to grab beer and chuck it back in one… and then sip on another. If it’s general drinking Jack Daniels for sure, with coke 80/20 mix goes down a treat and is nice for a relax.

M/M: If you could have any chick in the world who would it be?

Langers: Miss Ultimate. The name pretty much sums it up, she’s the best in every way and at a expert at everything and I mean everything haha.

M/M: Who’s hotter… Aussi girls, American Girls or New Zealand girls?

Langers: New Zealand girls I reckon. I like New Zealanders they’ve got a little something different about them and not so full on, which can also make them look hot as fuck.

M/M: Favorite country to party in and why?

Langers: That’s a tricky one, I’ve had some good parties in the New Zealand so I’d have to go with that. Although Europe definitely does pretty well!

M/M: Any shout-outs or last words?

Langers: Firstly big-ups to Mulisha for keeping behind me and helping me get shit done! Also to everyone else that follows my riding and is all about going big too! Keep an eye out cause I got some big shit that’s going to to go down this year! Chur.