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Say hello to our March Metal Mulisha Maiden of the Month, Sarah Janine! This gorgeous Maiden from Tucson, Arizona is no stranger to the Metal Mulisha scene and we are beyond excited to officially welcome her to the Metal Mulisha Maidens! We called Sarah while she was on her way to a photoshoot last week to find out a little more about our Maiden of the Month. Check out our conversation with Sarah below and view some of the photos from her most recent shoot!

MM: How did you hear about Metal Mulisha and how long have you been a fan?
SJ: I’ve been a huge fan of Metal Mulisha since about 2005! I own all of the DVD’s, Black Friday, all of the motocross/freestyle jazz. Then I started working at No Fear, a Metal Mulisha retail store, and that’s where I started to get more involved with the brand. I saw the Maidens on the website and I was like “Man I want to be one of those girls; they’re awesome!” So I submitted my photos and now here I am! So yeah basically I’ve been a fan for a really long time!

MM: Were you pumped when you found out that you were selected to be our Maiden of the Month for March?
SJ: Oh yeah! Hell yeah! (laughs) It was awesome!

MM: Do you ride at all?
SJ: I have ridden before. I had a crf 125, but not longer. I’m too broke to do that now (laughs). It’s a time taker, a money taker, and definitely a hobby you need money for (laughs).

MM: Have you ever met any of the Metal Mulisha team riders?
SJ: Actually, I know Scummy. The last time I talked with him was probably about a month ago, but he’s the only Mulisha rider that I’ve actually met. I’ve been to a few freestyle shows, but I never got the chance to meet any of the guys.

MM: If you could meet any Metal Mulisha team rider, who would you want to meet and why?
SJ: It would probably have to be Brian Deegan just because I feel like he was one of the very first guys to really bring freestyle motocross into the light. Everyone was doing just regular riding and motocross and he kind of started it all for freestyle and made it popular. I feel like he’s the God Father (laughs).

MM: What’s one of the craziest things you’ve ever done?
JS: Oh jeez… I’m not that crazy (laughs). Umm… I don’t even know. I can’t even come up with anything. I’m kind of reserved. Like I’ll do things on a whim, but I mean, I guess right now I just quit my job to just hang out and do what I love, which is art. I moved back to my hometown. I have no money. I’m just kind of living my little art dream. So that’s kind of crazy (laughs).

MM: So aside from modeling, what other kinds of art are you interested in?
SJ: I love to drawn, I love to paint, pretty much anything where I can be creative. I like to just put things together. Like when I was the store manager at No Fear I loved merchandizing and creating different ways to display product. That was my favorite part of my job. Just being creative! That’s what I like to do in art. And tattoos!!

MM: We noticed that you have a few tattoos! How many do you have?
SJ: I think 8, but 2 almost-sleeves!

MM: Any piercings?
SJ: I have a Monroe, but that’s it.

MM: Have you had a chance to check out the latest Maidens line?
SJ: I have seen a few of the new styles and I really like it! I love the Dani G tattoo series! I love that you have incorporated her into the line with all of her tattooing stuff. I’ve always liked Mulisha because it’s different. It’s always been girly, but then you have that not girly side too. You have the lace and heels and stuff, but then you have the tomboy type. I like it a lot! You guys always do black and red too and I like that.

MM: We would love to have you out to the compound soon for a shoot! When can our fans expect to see you out here?
SJ: I was actually thinking about coming to Southern California towards the end of this month or sometime in early may. I’m not sure on the exact date yet, but the fans should definitely be on the lookout for some great photos when I do come out!

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Photo Credit: Malcom Flowers Photography and David Massie Photography