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With Nuclear Cowboyz coming to its season tour end, Fitzpatrick rallied up the crew for a morning ride at his FITZLAND compound. Bell, Vicki, Nixey, McGnarls, Agee and Buyten all showed up ready to lay it down.

It’s fun when we all get together and ride like this. As friends we push each other harder each time, learn off each other and go bigger and bigger each time. Fitz has probably the best spot down here to ride with a little bit of everything for everyone. On any typical day you can find just about every rider in the industry down here training or checking this place out. Jimmy really has put lots of time into his course also. Always groomed, always prepped, watered and expanding. That’s why beers are on me anytime for Fitz.” – Kenny Bell

Nixey has been gradually getting back into the grove of fmx after some time off, but the word slowly is more of an understatement. He hit the ramp twice, sacked up and just went for it doing flip tricks like he was back in X Games the day prior! Pretty gnarly to see first hand and how talented he is behind the bars of his bike. The day ended off with everyone going whip-for-whip trying to get bragging rights at lunch over some beers. McGnarls stole the title during the session, hucking some pretty nasty whips.