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Thomas Glew has been formulating some uproar in the BMX scene with his massive extensions and variations between his tricks and style. Glewy gave us a ring today to fill us in with the latest and greatest on what’s been going down in his schedule. Here you have it, from the man himself.

M/M: What has been going down lately in the world of the Glew?

Glewy: As of lately I have just been riding pretty much everyday and a little bit of keeping up on my party game as usual.

M/M: Can you give us all walk through on what your current ride is all about?

GlewyRight now I’m riding a Total BMX Killabee frame, with all Demolition parts and just loving it!

M/M: Any good spots you have traveled recently?

Glewy: A few months ago I was in New Zealand which was awesome. Right now I’m in America and actually did a show on the Jersey Shore boardwalk which was a couple of weeks ago. Thought that was cool!

M/M: Did you run into any of those dorks from the show Jersey Shore?

Glewy: Haha, didn’t get to run into those guys thank god but I would of crack a few tricks off their awesome haircuts.

M/M: If you could take three people with you around the world to ride BMX who would you bring, and where would you go?

Glewy: I would take my good friend at Nickehfilms to film the crazyness, and any 2 of my friends I ride and hang with. They’re all sick and want to have a good time! This is simply to hard to choose haha.

M/M: Who gets more chicks… guys who ride BMX or Skate? We’ve had the debate with a few friends at X Games and it nearly turned into a fight.

Glewy: I’ve seen a lot of my BMX mates take some pretty banging girls and not so banging girls home. So im going to go with BMX!

M/M: Best place to party in?

Glewy: So far from my experience in the party world, I think France is the best. However my home town in Aussie goes pretty hard also so lets to match it up at both.

M/M: What’s your drink?

Glewy: Without a question, the best Aussie beer Victoria Bitter! Don’t mind myself a few Jäger, Bombs every now and then as well.

M/M: Strangest place you have woke up in?

Glewy: The back seat of my car and very far away from where I remember parking it before I went out haha.

M/M: Lets dig into some of the tricks you have been laying down.

Glewy: My favorite trick at the moment is defiantly 360 backflips as well as 360 whip to whip back. I have been working on bike flip variations and 3 flip variations.

M/M: Any upcoming contest or events?

Glewy: There’s a few contests a little later on in the year but this next month I’m going to start on a new edit to show all my new tricks!

M/M: Any shout-outs, last request, apologies, or F_#k you’s?

Glewy: No f_#k you’s at the moment I don’t think haha! Massive shout out to Metal Mulisha for being the most bad ass company! Oh and if you’re on Instagram follow me: @glewybmx