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It’s an all new month and another time to highlight one of our awesome retail accounts. This time it hands down goes out to Xtreme Fashion! Xtreme has been holding it down for Metal Mulisha, always pumping up the full line and can proudly claim to be the number one account for us in the territory.

Xtreme’s mission is to provide Californian’s quality street-wear labels that incorporate California’s lifestyle and help people represent their individuality.” – Jose Jr. / Xtreme Fashion

Xtreme, was incorporated in 2012 inside Visalia Mall and inspired by the tattoo-influenced art that lives in peoples bodies and minds. They sell action-sport related clothing like Metal Mulisha and have created an ‘image’ based around action sports such as motocross, bmx and skateboarding. Xtreme keeps it super core as a brand, rooted in the youth oriented culture and lifestyle of California. Our Mulisha OG Sales Rep, Austin Olivares sent over the great news that Xtreme has opened their second location in Bakersfield inside the Valley Plaza Mall! With an all new store we are amped to see Xtreme leading the path of Metal Mulisha world wide domination!

New Shop Location:
Xtreme Fashion
2701 Ming Ave # 132, Bakersfield, CA
(661) 835-0712

Follow Xtreme On Their Social:
Instagram: @xtremestores