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Thomas Glew is known for coming out swinging with a huge rush of trick and technical moves under his belt. One of the young guns in the Australian BMX scene and he has a solid bag of tricks and isn’t scared to throw down.

Glewy is the next up and coming in the sport, ready to take on any challenge and keep it Mulisha by fucking shit up! Recently we met up with Glewy for some updated photos in our latest Metal Mulisha Camo / Realtree collection.

MM: What have you been up to?

TG: Just been riding as much as possible, a bit of surfing, wake boarding and partying as well haha.

MM: Any upcoming contest or events?

TG: I have Langers Yard Jam and Farm Jam this month I’m pretty excited for it. Then Fise in France in May !

MM: What do you prefer to ride more… dirt, street or park?

TG: I like riding dirt the most but we don’t have much dirt around Sydney to ride. So I ride park a lot and enjoy that a lot as well.

MM: What are you top 5 favorite tricks to do?

TG:360 backflips, Super Flips, 360 Downside Whip, Bike Flips and in tables.

MM: What do you think of the new Metal Mulisha RealTree Line?

TG: I think it’s sick and love rocking it!


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