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For the second year in a row, Metal Mulisha has teamed up with the Keep A Breast (KAB) Foundation to support breast cancer awareness! Last October, we designed a Show Your Boobs Love Tee to support the cause and a portion of every tee sold was donated directly to KAB. For 2013, we continued our support with the Show Your Boobs Love Tee, but we decided that we wanted to go even bigger to support the boobies! The KAB Foundation is known for its action sport, youth focused nature, and the organization has come up with the most badass and creative way to support the cause. KAB raises money and awareness for breast cancer by creating art out of customized breast casts. The organization casts influential women’s boobies, sends them off to artists to be designed, and then auctions them off to raise money!

So this year, we flew Metal Mulisha Maiden Tiffany Cook out to Los Angeles to visit the KAB Foundation headquarters and have her boobies casted for the cause! Check out the video from Tiffany’s day at KAB below and be sure to pick up your mens and Maidens Show Your Boobs Love Tee to support breast cancer awareness!

After the casting was complete, Metal Mulisha Maidens artist Breanne Armenta tagged it up Mulisha style! Check out the video of Bre in action below!

The cast is now ready to be auctioned off by the Keep A Breast Foundation, so Check back soon for details on how to bid on Tiffany’s Metal Mulisha boobies!

Also, be sure to check out our Show Your Boobs Some Love Ride Day Blog for more information on our breast cancer awareness ride day at Pala Raceway. We want to see you there on the 19th, so come out and show your boobs some love for the cause!