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The Dew Tour Toyota City Championships took action in the historic streets of San Francisco. This is the second time the tour has made an appearance in San Fran, in the heart of the downtown Civic Center Plaza. We arrived with Potter, Friday night ready to watch his Mulisha teammate, Brandon Dosch pedal into the massive BMX dirt course.

With the cold winds brushing off the bay, it didn’t stop Dosch from throwing down some of his gnarliest tricks in front of all the fans. With warm-ups underway Brandon was looking on point! Unfortunately the wrong deck of cards fell on the table for Dosch. “5 minutes before my run started I got a flat tire, my third flat of the day. The Dew Tour official said they would only give me two minutes to get my tire fixed, for some reason I assumed they would bump me back a few riders so I had time to fix my bike but no dice. Pretty stressful contest for me but what can ya do!” – Brandon Dosch

Shit happens but Dosch fucking killed it in tricks, and became one hell of a drinking buddy later that night. (Thanks Mateus from Rockstar haha) Sunday, the final day of Dew Tour became the battlegrounds for the Triple Threat Freestyle Motocross event.

This three-part competition combined whips, flips and upright tricks. The format is set up so that riders must display their classic FMX abilities in the form of whips and traditional tricks during the upright section with no inverts, or spins of the bike or the riders body allowed during the that section.
10 riders each took their turn showing off their best arsenal of tricks to prove they have the whole package. Potter came a bit early to scope out ramp to dirt setup laid out directly in front of City Hall. Lots of familiar faces met on the course from, Bilko, Twitch, Taka, Adams, Mason and more but this was Potters time to claim the throne.

 really came out swinging with his lineup of tricks! Todd threw down a perfectly executed Lookback Kiss Of Death which placed him as the points leader

Next up was Best Whip. Potter is known for really getting under it and cracking some dirty whips so this event came easy to him as he fired off a massive Seatbounce Whip getting the crowd and judges pumped. The final event of the day came where riders chose any trick of their choice. Potter really went for it and stuck a massive, perfectly extended Cliffhanger Backflip..

With the judging scores added up Potter finished off the San Francisco Dew Tour taking home 2nd place! Congrats for the solid finish Potter!

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