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We went over to Faisst compound this morning with Garland to warmup our tricks for a final ride before the rehearsals for the upcoming 2014 Nuclear Cowboyz tour. The 14mph wind with occasional 21mph gust didn’t slow us down at all and with this being the last ride before the tour… why not go big for a final ride at Faisst’s.

M/M: How do you feel about this upcoming tour?

GARLAND: This is the fifth year Faisst and I have been on the tour together so we are both pumped to be back this year with a whole new routine.

M/M: New routine?

GARLAND: The past couple years the tour has been somewhat similar as far as the story line. I heard something about Ninjas and a bunch of new stuff for us to ride on. Show’s going to be awesome, the whole team can’t wait.

FAISST: Yeah and its going to be two sides again but with a different setup. And for the Ninja stuff… it’s some Shaolin Monks kicking off some pretty insane martial arts. I might learn a few more moves on the tour haha. It’s going to be way different so I can’t wait.

M/M: So where are the rehearsals all going down?

GARLAND: Right outside Tampa, Florida are the FELD headquarters and that’s where we will all be practicing learning this new routine and schedule they have for us.

M/M: Who’s all on the tour?

FAISST: Well from the Mulisha we have Garland, Fitzpatrick, Dunne, Buyton and I and the rest of the lineup will hold, Twitch who is back on, James Carter, Brody Wilson, Taka, Mason and I think that’s it but I’m sure I’m missing someone.

M/M: What do you like about the Nuclear Cowboyz tour?

GARLAND: I love the tour. I mean I get to go to a a new place each week, meet and greet fans from around the world, perform and get people pumped… it’s awesome. Plus not to mention the fact I get to ride with all my friends. The production and staff are awesome to work with so it’s a dream come true for me.

M/M: First Stop?

FAISST: Lexington, Kentucky on January 4th and 5th! So all you fans make sure to check out the tour schedule and come out to the show when we are in your hood!

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