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There’s nothing better thank calling up your friends, loading up the bikes, and heading out to one of your favorite spots to hit some jumps, and find some new lines! That’s exactly what Metal Mulisha team riders Ronnie Faisst, Todd Potter, Wes Agee, Derek Garland, Julian Dusseau, and Nick Dunne did late last month out in Ocotillo Wells California.

The team came out for a mid-week 2 day freeride session to nail some new shots, and to get together to catch up with one another and enjoy some camping, partying, and riding in the desert. Each day the riders were up before the sun to start gearing up and checking equipment, and in order to take advantage of Ocotillo’s epic early morning light. The only time the guys got a second to rest was for a quick lunch break, before firing the bikes back up and pinning it out to pole line to get some shots in the golden hour before sunset.

Each one of the riders took turns leading the pack to the next jump, including some new ones not everyone had seen before, including a sick step down that Julian found, and a wall ride that Garland hit. “It’s always sick to see the guys getting out in the hills and having fun, Ocotillo has alot of memories for me” said Derek Garland, “I have been coming here since I was kid with my dad and it’s always a good time.”