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The final day of Red Bull X Fighters came into play outside the walls of the historic Osaka Castle amongst the grounds of Osaka Japan. Historically the last battle amongst warriors was the Siege of Osaka dating back to the summer month of 1615. A new unit of fighters gathered once again, the X Fighters. Metal Mulisha’s Rob Adelberg and Wes Agee gathered in the pits during the final day ready to defeat the lineup of riders for a top spot on the podium underneath the rising sun. With days of preparing for the event, both kept focus and ready to engage the course with their biggest tricks and style in front of 8,500 Japanese spectators.

Our Aussi FMX Monster Rob Adelberg fired things off with a one-on-one match up against Mat Rebeaud in the quarter finals. Adelberg rolled onto the course firing off one of the biggest Cliffhanger Flip I think I’ve ever seen followed by a Rocksolid Indy . He keep consistent with plenty of speed and racking up the points for the judges with the fans on their feet blown away by his performance.

Rob made his match again Rebeaud tough to beat while adding a few chapters of stress during his run. Mat went trick for trick and finished off with a Flare Nac off the Quarter Pipe but that still didn’t pass up Rob’s insane run during his heat. Rob was announced the winner and pushed into the Semi Finals.

Wes Agee the All-Ameraican Badass was up next against Remi Bizouard in the quarter finals. Agee probably had the fans roaring and more pumped than anyone today while throwing some roost, and a few quick laps for the fans to get their attention. Right when then clock started Wes opened up his run with a nasty KOD Indy Flip and rolled into the next section of the course with a Cordova Flip.

Wes was fluid, ahead of the clock on tricks and style and gave one of the best runs we have seen all week. Unfortunately he fell short of matching Remi by only a few points.

Rob was back at it again ready to match up again Levi Sherwood in the Semi Finals and a chance at taking Third Place. His focus was if he was looking down the barrel of a rifle ready pull the trigger off ever ramp and give it all he has. Rob started off with another Cliffhanger Flip that was the definition of huge! Grabbing everyone’s attention at this point he finished off his run leaving fans on their feet. From the floor you could feel the energy of everyone blown away by Rob’s performance. When the judging score showed on the stadium screen, Adelberg came short of Levi pushing Rob out of the top three leaving him a Fourth Place Osaka Japan X Fighters finish.

Next up,¬†X Games Austin Texas!¬†Anata ni atode guchi o sanshŇć shite kudasai!