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What could be better than being a 8-10 year old moto grom and getting a chance to race your KTM 50cc at the A3 Supercross event?… Getting an email from OG Metal Mulisha team rider Ronnie Faisst saying that he was personally inviting you to get some practice in for the weekend’s big race at his private course and compound in Southern California!

This past week the first annual Metal Mulisha Ronnie Faisst Mini Troop Track Day went down as Faisst opened his personal moto playground to let the group of Mini Troops come out for the day and get some practice in before their main event this Saturday at Anaheim Stadium for the Monster Supercross. The kids were frothing and pumped from the moment they begin to arrive and set up their pits area, most jumping out of their parents car with gear and boots already on, and ready to roost!

The kids were the winners of the KTM 50cc shootout, which placed them in the spot to get the opportunity to go out and ride at the Supercross event this weekend in front of a stadium full of fans and race each other on the big boys track. After the kids and parents got a chance to walk the track with Faisst and check out the conditions they kicked off the first moto and gave the track a proper go around, with the sound of mini 50cc exhausts filling the air. After the first practice they were treated to a Freestyle demo and show from Faisst, Taka, Genki Watanabe, Cloud Toda, and Javier Villegas taking turns hitting the ramp set up and hucking backflips and trick variations, while the crowd of parents and kids cheered and took photos.

Metal Mulisha General Brian Deegan also came out to pump up the kids with photos and autographs, along with his sons Danger Boy Deegan and Hudson Deegan, who hopped in right alongside the other kids roosting through the whoops and tearing it up, while Deegan cheered them and the rest of the kids on. Danger boy was showing off tons of style and speed, and encouraged all the other riders on the track, with all the kids psyched to be getting some pointers from Faisst and Deegan.

The day wrapped up with a set of 2 Moto races for the kids to compete in, a pizza lunch party, and a gift pack of new gear and signed memorabilia from Metal Mulisha. ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs always a good feeling to be able to take what I have, and share it with the Moto Community, and especially with the next generation of kids who are going to be carrying the torch‚ÄĚ Said¬†Faisst, ‚ÄúHaving the kids come out and join us for a day of fun and riding it what it‚Äôs all about!‚ÄĚ.

Huge props to Faisst for hosting the event, Christy at KTM, the Deegans for coming out to pump up the kids, the Freestyle riders, and the parents and kids for an awesome day!