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Last week we packed our bags, moto gear, surfboards and hopped on the first flight to Kauai, Hawaii to meet up with our good friends and Metal Mulisha retailer at DeJa Vu Surf Hawaii. Deja Vu Surf Hawaii has some serious core roots that date back to 1907, when Mankichi Miura moved to Kauai from Japan to strike his fortune by working on the plantation. He quickly found that toiling in the fields would not produce the riches he’d heard about that lured him to the islands. Through the years and with generations of Mankichi’s descendants at the helm, the store evolved from offering confections to a general store to a family clothing store and now to three stores offering surf wear, surf gear, and skate and urban wear and gear. Today, M. Miura Store, Inc. is an award-winning company that is owned and operated by the fourth generation members of the Mankichi Miura family, siblings Tad Miura, Eric Miura, and Ann Yamamoto. M. Miura Store, Inc. has a team of more than 40 hard working co-workers, including several of Mankichi’s fifth generation descendants. Notably, M. Miura Store, Inc. won the prestigious 2006 U.S. Small Business Administration Family-Owned Small Business of the Year Award for the State of Hawaii and Region IX, which includes California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii and Guam. The company is active in the community and dedicated to supporting Kauai’s youth, especially education, through volunteerism and extra-curricular activities. Although Mankichi most likely never envisioned his small business as a surf and skate retail establishment, his commitment to offering quality products at fair value still holds true today and represents the foundation of this longtime local company for 104 years and counting.

Metal Mulisha co-owner Larry Linkogle and freestyle rider Wes Agee arrived on-site for the huge autograph signing put on by, DeJa Vu staff and our badass Mulisha sales rep, Donny Sato! Hundreds of local fans visiting from around the island to check out the store, get free prizes, autographs, hang out with the team and to scope out the latest Mulisha products.

” It was a great time out here today with all the local Metal Mulisha fans. Hawaii to me is one of the most beautiful spots in the world to be especially the island of Kauai. We showed up and the line was pretty stacked with fans waiting to meet us and to hang out. So many people out here rep Mulisha and are in full support. It was really cool to see it first hand. Besides from the signing I got to hangout with some local riders that showed up and we talked about some spots to go riding next when I come back out. Everyone out here is really cool, down to earth and it was just a good time in general making new friends and supporting the brand. Thanks to DeJa Vu for having me out here, I can’t wait to come back.” – Wes Agee

The event turnout was awesome. We can’t thank all the fans and staff at DeJa Vu enough for having us and hosting this amazing signing. Make sure your next visit to Kauai to stop by DaJa Vu and let them know that the crew at the M/M HQ sent you!