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Well it’s Thursday and a another day to showcase a piece of Mulisha history for this week’s Throwback Thursday with Chris Ackerman!

Faisst Sand Dunes:

For my Faisst redux, I just have one thing to say… the sand dunes used to not like Ronnie very much as you can see.

OX and Deegan:

Two bad asses, OX and Deegan, getting ready to go head-to-head against each other at the 2005 Winter X-Games. Deegan finished in 1st and OX took 2nd up on the podium!

Homan Crash:

At the 1999 San Jose LXD FMX event, Justin Homan ate serious shit after getting his leg caught on the handlebars while pulling his legs back from a Bar-Hop. End result… quite a few broken bones in his legs and paralysis in his left foot. I saw this crash in person, and trust me it’s something you won’t just forget it!

Mulisha Ad:

One of the 1st MM ads ever, 1998.

Scum 01 X-Games:

Scummy doing a burnout on top of the drop-in at X-Games in Philly, 2001.