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Day 1 from X Games Austin, Texas is a wrap! The boys went big and did not disappoint in front of the Texas State Capitol building  for over 50,000 fans. Brian Deegan would end up giving his spot up to Josh Hansen, so he could focus on his Rally Competetion. Metal Mulisha Athlete Matt Buyten had a bit of rough luck sliding a bit on the 35ft bar and missed his two hits. The 2-Time X Games Step Up GOLD Medalist Matt Buyten, had definite disappoint written on his face, but nonetheless, like a true athlete came back to encourage his fellow athletes as they pushed past the 35ft mark.      

The battle would end up between, Ronnie Renner, Bryce Hudson, Mossimo Bianconcini, and Libor Podmol. The end result results would end with Renner taking his 6th X Games GOLD Medal and a 3 way tie for the SILVER between Podmol, Bianconcini and Hudson. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the week!